PetAg KMR Bene-Bac PLUS Pet Powder 整腸粉 453g
型號: 99545
積分: 5
可使用積分: 233
HK$ 233.00

Bene-Bac® Plus Pet Powder

Bene-Bac® Plus Pet Powder contains concentrated FOS and live, naturally occurring microorganisms. Bene-Bac® Plus is recommended any time an animal experiences changing nutritional or environmental conditions.

  • Contains seven fat-encapsulated, common microorganisms found in intestinal tract of small mammals
  • Provides help for changing conditions, including, but not limited to birth, breeding, post-surgery, antibiotic therapy, weaning, worming, showing, boarding and travel
  • Guaranteed 20 million colony-forming units (CFU) of viable bacteria per gram
  • Recommended as part of the management program for all animals subjected to adverse conditions
  • May be used for regular maintenance

Direction for Use: Initial Feeding: Provide one feeding from table below on days 1, 3, 5 and 7, and then one feeding per week until weaned. 

Body Weight         Amount of Bene-Bac Plus
<1/2 lb. (227g)          1/4 level teaspoon
1/2 lb. - 1 lb.              1/2 level teaspoon
1 lb. - 5 lb.                 1 level teaspoon
5 lbs. - 20 lbs.            2 level teaspoons
20 lbs. +                    3 level teaspoons

1/4 teaspoon scoop included in jar. For Maintenance: Use above recommended daily amount once weekly. Feed animals by top dressing Bene-Bac Plus powder on moistened or dry food. Discard uneaten food after no more than 8 hours and thoroughly wash dishes. 

General Information: Give the indicated amount when an animal first arrives; when traveling (before departure and after arrival); one to two hours after worming; at birth; prior to supplementing or hand rearing of the newborn; at weaning; when dietary changes occur; or as indicated by your veterinarian when animals are treated with antibiotics. If diarrhea or anorexia (loss of appetite) persists, contact your veterinarian.

Storage: Store in cool dry conditions. Refrigeration not necessary. 


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