EzyDog Portable Dog Water Bottle戶外水樽(紅色) Red Color 600ml
型號: EDWB600
積分: 2
可使用積分: 85
HK$ 85.00

The Leaf Bottle from EzyDog is a great way to keep your pup hydrated on the go. With a volume of 600ml, there will always be water at hand for any dog walk.

Health Benefits of Dog Hydration

Encouraging pets to drink more water is crucial to avoid heat stress and dehydration. Dog hydration products, like the EzyDog leaf bottle, help eliminate the risk of your dog being caught without access to any fresh water.   


- Leak Proof Dog Water Bottle
- Holds 600ml of water
- BPA Free
- Portable Dog Bowl for any adventure
- Easy to hold and carry


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