Sheba Duo green tea natural oral care 夾心餡餅貓咪乾糧成貓口腔護理配方200g ( 20g x 10袋 )
型號: SDUP2
可使用積分: 68
HK$ 68.00

Product description

"Oral shebaduo plus natural green tea 200 g, showcase the taste the taste of chicken chicken flavor cat food is.
Refreshing your mouth with the flavour of green tea from tea leaves. Grain crispy crunchy, creamy texture with a texture of the two. It is sticking to become addicted to chewing cat shape and size.
Layer your own cream melts at a temperature of tongue,. The texture material several times and then strained, smooth and become addicted.
Crunchy layer of natural green tea flavor-rich, naturally with the rich flavor of green tea refreshing to your mouth, further supports the calcium strong teeth gums are healthy, vitamin C and folic acid. Staple food, snack, topping, use is free.

How to give

-Please give below as a guide, food intake for one day, into 2-3 times.
* One-day salary guide cat weight per
2 kg:25 g (1 + 1 / 4 bags).
3 kg:40 g (2pcs)
4 kg:55 g (2 + 3 / 4 bags).
5 kg:70 g (3 + 1 / 2 bags).
6 kg:80 g (4pcs)
-Please adjust the amount according to my momentum and State.
-Keep plenty of water during the meals fresh to drink at any time.
-Switch in about one week and then increased gradually while the when for the first time give small amounts mixed meal ever.
-Daily meal in addition to the amount as a snack, a topping charge.
-Swallow tablets well too at the same time give to you, so please give dosage.
-When used in conjunction with the wet cat food, wet cat food 70 g and is a measure of volume 1, Duo 1 + 1 / 2 bag. (3 kg for adult cats)


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