Sheba Duo Flatfish & Bonito 夾心餡餅貓咪乾糧鱈魚+鰹魚 240g ( 20g x 12袋 ) X6
型號: SDU20X6
積分: 5
可使用積分: 360
HK$ 360.00

Product description

"Shebaduo flounder and tasted umami bonito 240 g", is finished in classy seafood, deep taste in cat food.
Grain crispy crunchy, creamy texture with a texture of the two. In the cat's mouth just realized soft temper better, exquisite. Layer your own cream melts at a temperature of tongue,. Crispy outside, chewy!
The quality and flavor of the material sought. Using only inspect product quality and safety standards and a clear material.
General nutrition so as a staple, of course, as a snack, topping usage is free.

How to give

-Please give below as a guide, food intake for one day, into 2-3 times.
* One-day salary guide cat weight per
2 kg:25 g (1 + 1 / 4 bags).
3 kg:40 g (2pcs)
4 kg:55 g (2 + 3 / 4 bags).
5 kg:70 g (3 + 1 / 2 bags).
6 kg:80 g (4pcs)
-Please adjust the amount according to my momentum and State.
-Keep plenty of water during the meals fresh to drink at any time.
-Switch in about one week and then increased gradually while the when for the first time give small amounts mixed meal ever.
-Daily meal in addition to the amount as a snack, a topping charge.
-Swallow tablets well too at the same time give to you, so please give dosage.
-When used in conjunction with the wet cat food, wet cat food 70 g and is a measure of volume 1, Duo 1 + 1 / 2 bag. (3 kg for adult cats)

Please note

-Due to raw material production and harvest time may differ slightly in color or size of the grains, but no quality problems.
-Take care not to cut your hand on the edge of the package.

How to save

-Please save the places exposed to direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity of salmon.
-Take up as soon as possible after opening the open mouth closed. Also, please note to keep out insects.

Country of origin


For inquiries:

Mars Japan limited
Mars Japan customer consultation 03-5434-3434

Brand: shebaduo 

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Weight: 240 g (20 g * 12 bags) 


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