d.b.f Senior Can Food with Lactic acid bacteria / oligosaccharide combination 高老犬雞肉/菜罐 (乳酸菌+寡醣配合) 150g
型號: D1510
HK$ 23.00 積分換購 : 23分


More details

Chicken breast, chicken guts, pig heart, vegetables (potato, carrot, green peas), sugar, oligosaccharides, salt, lactic acid bacteria, thickening stabilizer (thickening polysaccharide), minerals (Ca, P, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, I), vitamins (B12, D, folic acid)

Support the health of senior dogs with food! A comprehensive nutritional diet based on chicken breast, chicken liver, and pork heart, with grated vegetables added as a staple food. A soft finish that is easy to eat even for senior dogs. It also contains nutrients that take into consideration the health of old age. Contains lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharides.

■ Guaranteed ingredients
Crude protein 9.0% or more, crude fat 2.5% or more, crude fiber 0.5% or less, crude ash content 2.0% or less, water content 88.0% or less, sodium 0.15% or less, metabolic energy 70kcal / 100g


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