Fresco Chicken Fillets with Blueberries & Cranberries 藍莓及紅莓超級雞肉乾 100g
型號: FM-09
HK$ 70.00 積分換購 : 70分


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Superfoods aren’t just good for you, but for your dogs too. Blue- berries and Cranberries are superfood ingredients, full of natural antioxidants and Vitamin C, keeping your dog healthy and vibrant.

Our FRESCO Superfood line combines these powerful superfoods with juicy real chicken meat, topped with a delicious chicken breast fillet. Do you know a better treat?

This products contains:
50% Real Chicken Meat , 40% Chicken Breast  4% Blueberries , 4% Cranberries,  2% Natural vegetable glyceri


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