Fresco Beef Ears 風乾牛耳朵 (80g) 5pcs X4
型號: NT-02X4
HK$220.00 積分換購 : 220分
5 積分回贈


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FRESCO Beef ears are a highly digestible, low-fat alternative to pig ears as their structure is slightly finer and harder than Pigs Ears. With a very low fat content of only 8.8% it helps make make this chew the ideal light healthy snack for your dog. Ideally suited as a Pigs Ear subsitute for dogs with a tendency to be overweight or suffer from obesity. Intensive chewing cleans your dog's teeth and stimulates the blood flow to their gums - and at the same time the cartilage provides added valuable calcium to your dogs diet.

Straight feeding stuffs

Composition: 100% Beef Ears

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Oils and Fat8,8%
Crude Ash4,6%
Crude Fibres2,2%


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