Mongolian Chews

Mongolian Chews

Hand-made product may very sightly

100% Cultured Pasteurized Organic Milk

Probiotics rich in yogurt products are the good bacteria that consume the bad bacteria in the gut. This in turn helps promote digestion and the dog’s ability to better absorb the nutrients in their food. It also helps boost the immunity system and limits the growth of yeast.

Some yogurt products can contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs, e.g. xylitol, a sweetener that is toxic to dogs. However, Mongolian Chews have No artificial colors, preservatives, grain or gluten, it is 100% natural. The snack is that Mongolians have eaten for centuries. Our products have been researched with many dogs sampling for many years prior to our introduction to the market. Your customers are looking for lifestyle product Give them Mongolian Chews.  All Natural Healthy Yogurt Treat vitamins B,C,D low-calorie high-protein Low lactose.  Aaruul (dried curds) has been produced in Mongolia since the 13th century.  Now available for pets!


We are introducing two types of our Air-Dried yogurt product.

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